The 7th International Conference on Natural Products


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The member who needs correction for the registration receipt or certificate, please confirm by sending email to asnpmail@gmail.com ASNP has already a few to correct, but send the email again to be certain.




Travel grants for NATPRO7 participants are announced. Selected presenting authors of Posters and Students oral sessions will be awarded travel grants.



Quality abstracts with the appropriate scope will be invited by NATPRO7, to submit the article to the special issues of NUTRIENTS (SCIE, IF 4.19) and METABOLITES (SCIE, IF 3.05 expected).





On behalf of the organizing committee of NATPRO7, we take a great pleasure in extending our invitation to you to participate in the NATPRO7 conference organized by the Asian Society of Natural Products (ASNP). The previous NATPRO conferences have been held in Thailand until the NATPRO6 by the different universities. The first NATPRO conference was organized by Professor Maitree Suttajit at Mahasarakham University in 2005. It was continued by Naresuan University, Rangsit University, Chiang Mai University, Prince of Songkla University, and Khon Kaen University, respectively, in Phayao (2008), Bangkok (2011), Chiang Mai (2012), Phuket (2014), and Khon Kaen (2016). After NATPRO6, a group of scientist decided to continue this international conference at the global level and run by an international society. Therefore, ASNP was founded in 2016 to benefit the members in Asia and took the responsibility.



Members' Organization of NATPRO conference

ASNP will organizie the future NATPRO conferences under the Category of Natural Products.

For those who want to suggest an academic session in the NATRPO7, please check the Conference Sessions shown below.


NATPRO7 Organizing Committee

Anton Bahtiar (regional ASNP secretary)        University of Indonesia        Indonesia

Bungorn Sripanidkulchai                                    Khon Kaen University        Thailand

Hyang Yeol Lee                   Korea National University of Transportation     Korea

Hyunjin Han                                                        Handong Herb                    Korea

Jaehong Han                                                     Chung-Ang University          Korea

Jennifer Tan Sok Lim                                World Vegan Organization            Singapore

Jiradej Manosroi                                    North-Chiang Mai University            Thailand

Jongkeun Choi                                                Chungwoon University            Korea

Jongsuk Lee                        Gyeonggido Business & Science Accelerator     Korea

Kanit Vichitphan (regional ASNP secretary)    Khon Kaen University              Thailand

Ki Hun Park                                                    Gyeongsang University               Korea

Maitree Suttajit                                                    Phayao University                Thailand

Mihyang Kim                                                            Phytobean                        Korea

Monthaka Teerachaisakul                          Ministry of Public Health               Thailand

Pornthap Thanonkeo                                        Khon Kaen University             Thailand

Somi Kim Cho                                                  Jeju National University            Korea

Sonia D. Jacinto (regional ASNP secretary)    University of the Philippines    Philippines

Supayang Voravuthikulchai                        Prince of Songkla University        Thailand


    The Asian Society of Natural Products

Office phone: 82-31-670-4830

    Office email: asnpmail@gmail.com

    Office address:

    The Asian Society of Natural Products

    Sujeong-gu, Bokjeong-ro 96, 30-0 1st floor

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